We make air travel easy and affordable by
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About Flyaway

Imagine yourself on the vacation of your dreams. Are you lying in the white sand on a beach in Florida? Or are enjoying your favorite Broadway play in downtown New York City? While you may have previously thought that these experiences were out of your reach, it is now straightforward and easy to make them a reality. Introducing Flyaway, where temporary budget restrictions are a thing of the past. Flyaway will eliminate the stress of financing your upcoming trip, and make sure your only concern is picking your next destination!

Don’t let budget constraints cause you stress and detract from your traveling experience. Traveling should be easy and uncomplicated, as should financing it. Just pick your next destination, and Flyaway will get you there!


At Flyaway it is our mission to make air travel accessible to everyone. Using innovative technology, we make layaway payment processes obtainable and convenient to all, giving everyone the opportunity to fly their way with Flyaway.

Our Founders

While college students, living on a budget, the founders of Flyaway found it impossible to afford the rising cost of plane fares to visit their friends and family. Their experiences were the inspiration for Flyaway. Now it is possible to easily and transparently pay for a trip at any cost. They wanted to give people the opportunity to live their best life and now you can when you fly with Flyaway!

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